About What is the K9 Haberdashery?

More than just a fun word to say, the K9 Haberdashery is a twist on the traditional haberdashery, where you might find high-end men's clothing and accessories. Our haberdashery focuses on man's best friend, and we pride ourselves on designing one-of-a-kind clothing for dogs that are well made, comfortable, and adorable.

Kori Pollington holding her two dogs
Kori Pollington, owner and designer at the K9 Haberdashery

Kori Pollington Owner & Designer

How Did She Start Sewing?

Coming from a family of seamstresses (her grandmother was a professional seamstress), Kori began sewing in middle school and continued her love for sewing through college and into adulthood. Or, as Kori puts it, "It's just something I've always done. I've had many good teachers who taught me the importance of attention to detail and that's what makes sewing fun for me."

She began making clothing for her dogs for fun after seeing pet clothing in stores and thinking, " I can make that, and the quality will be much better!" The first one she ever made was a Seattle Seahawks outfit.

Why Does She Sew?

She draws inspiration from little girls' clothes and enjoys incorporating unconventional elements like lights and spikes into her designs. She dreams about designs, finding inspiration around her and recording them in a notebook of sticky notes with design inspirations. To her, sewing is a joy giver, a stress reliever, and best of all she hopes her creations help create many happy memories and activities for you and your pup. 

Rusty & Sophie Models & Inspiration

Rusty and Sophie are part of Kori's family and the models and inspiration behind so many of her outfits. Sophie was rescued from a puppy mill by Dachshund Rescue Northwest and, until joining Kori's family in 2013, she had never before even been on a leash. 

Rusty & Sophie in custom made dog clothes

Premium Clothing for Dogs It's More Than Just an Outfit

Your dog is more than just your pet, so why settle for a cheaply made costume from a big box pet store? Our custom made clothing for dogs is made with premium materials and unique designs, so you can be confident in the value of your purchase. Whether you're looking to invent your own Halloween costume for your dog or just need a well-made sweater that will keep him warm all winter, we're ready to help. Bring us your ideas, your designs, and even any of your own elements you'd like to incorporate. 

  • Velcro Closures Around the Girth

    For a comfortable, custom fit

  • KAM Snaps

    For easy on and easy off

  • Cotton Inner Lining

    For staying warm in winter and cool in summer

  • Use Your Own Fabric

    For a truly one-of-a-kind creation

  • Harness Ring

    For easy use with your leash

  • Embroidery

    For the ultimate customization

Return Policy

Because all orders are custom made, no refunds will be given unless there is a defect in the material or construction of the item. Please make sure to provide accurate sizing when placing your order, and contact us if you have questions about how to accurately measure your dog. 

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