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We love hearing from happy customers—after all, community feedback is the reason the K9 Haberdashery exists to begin with!

dog vest for Mardi Gras
  • Kori is amazingly talented and she puts her creative mind and imagination into her work! The dog outfits are bright, silly, funky, serious, seasonal...you name it and she can do it! Such talent!"

    Tawnya Marquette

  • Kori's creations are just gorgeous, well crafted and lovingly created. She has donated her pet outfits to our dog rescue as prizes for events as well as straight donations so we could raise money for homeless dogs. I am in awe of Kori's talents and imagination when I can barely sew on a missing button. Thanks so much for supporting our dog rescue and I know folks who have enjoyed your donations they purchased from us are just waiting for you to create something special for them as well."

    Margo Mossburg
    Director, Dachshund Rescue NW & Dachshund Club of Spokane

dog wearing a red dress
  • If you’re looking for high quality, adorable dog outfits—K9 Haberdashery is the place to shop. We were looking for something truly special when we decided to have our dachshund, Louie, be the ringbearer in our wedding—we wanted to dress him up for the occasion, but didn’t want to settle for the mass-produced, poor quality garments sold by big name pet stores and major online markets! Luckily, K9 Haberdashery had us covered, and let me tell you, her doggy tux was a standout—it rivaled in quality that of the groom and groomsmen! I can’t get over the level of handiwork and acute attention to detail! You just can’t beat handmade, and being a citizen of the USA, it’s definitely valued added to be able to purchase fun, unique garments for most any occasion that are made ethically in-country and that will see your fur baby through many an adventure. Thanks, K9 Haberdashery, for outfitting our pup for our special day!"

    Laura Kostad

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